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Robo Junior

MindKraft’s Robo Junior is a unique integrated robotics and coding program targeted at kids in Grades 1-3. It is designed to be a fun, hands-on program that introduces the fascinating world of robotics and programming to kids and sparks the inherent curiosity and creativity of kids. Learn More

  • 6 Levels
  • Duration: 12 weeks per level. One 55 minute lesson per week.
  • Price: $324 + HST. Option to pay in Monthly installments available
  • Schedule: Next batch starts September 2021.
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The curriculum for Robo Junior has 3 interlinked components:

  1. Mission-style robot building with a focus on achievement and experimentation.
  2. Elementary programming to hone the fundamentals.
  3. 3D Puzzles to develop spatial intelligence and logical reasoning skills.

One of the standout features of our program is that it makes kids want to study and learn more!

The Three Elements of Robo Junior

Remarkable Robots

Remarkable robots is an innovative way to introduce young kids to the concepts of robotics. Students learn to make small colourful robots from simple elements like blocks, motors, batteries, etc. This course aims to introduce kids to the idea of mechanisms and how they work, mathematical and scientific concepts like weight, distance, speed and time, and boost skills like creativity and problem solving and improve dexterity. Some of the projects include a rope crossing monkey robot, a servebot, hexapedal robot, cable car system to carry objects and a walking robot.

Selected Projects

  • Walkbot

  • Frogbot

  • Servebot

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Robo Prime Programming

Robo Prime Programming helps your kid to develop programming skills at a very early age. The student goes through various programming challenges and games. The course uses a revolutionary icon-based programming method that helps your kid to program the microcontroller, sensors and various other peripherals. Some of the projects include block transporting game, dancing machine, battle bots, golfing-machine, anti-collision cars and hands-off car control. Kids gain problem-solving, critical thinking and logical thinking skills. Students will also learn coding skills by solving interactive puzzles and get introduced to block-based coding.

Selected Projects

  • Project: Build a Fire Truck

  • Programming Mission: Put out the fires, refill and return.

  • Icon Programming Tool

View all Programming Projects

Logic Puzzles

Logic puzzles are designed to improve 3-dimensional visualization of shapes and objects by working on blocks-based projects. The course consists of a set of games and puzzles that help your kid to imagine, create, modify and assemble 3D objects. Logic puzzle improves problem-solving ability and dexterity of the student by exposure to tricky challenges and thought stimulating exercises.

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Robo Junior - All Levels

Saturdays 11 AM - 12 PM ET

Jan 8, 2022-Apr 2,2022

In-person class(Oakville)


Robo Junior - All Levels

Saturdays 12.30 PM - 1.30 PM ET

Jan 8, 2022-Apr 2, 2022

In-person class(Oakville)


Robo Junior - All Levels

Mondays 5.30 PM - 6.30 PM ET

Jan 3, 2022- Apr 4, 2022

In-person class(Oakville)


Robo Junior - All Levels

Wednesdays 6 PM - 7 PM ET

Jan 5, 2022-Mar 30, 2022

In-person class(Oakville)


Robo Junior - All Levels

Thursdays 4.30 PM - 5.30 PM ET

Jan 6, 2022-Mar 31, 2022

In-person class(Oakville)


Robo Junior - All Levels

Fridays 5 PM - 6 PM ET

Jan 7, 2022-Apr 1, 2022

In-person class(Oakville)



What will be my child doing in the classroom?

Students will be building various projects using blocks. Some of these projects will involve building robots, some will involve programming the robots and some will involve solving 3D puzzles. Each child works independently on their project guided by the teacher.

How many kids will be there in the class?

There can be a maximum of 5 kids per instructor. However, there can be up to 3 instructors and 15 kids in the class.

What robotics kits do you use?

We use robotics kits developed by leading Japanese educational company Artec. The innovative blocks designed by Artec are much easier to connect than other popular robotics kits such as LEGO or VEX and reduces the time and effort required to build robots and models. The blocks connect vertically, horizontally and even diagonally- 2 blocks can connect in 60 different ways leading to an endless variety of shapes.

Will my child learn only robotics or coding as well?

Robotics is essentially applied programming. In the Early Years Program, however, the initial levels will focus on building non-programmable robots and logic puzzles. As the kids progress through the program programming projects using robots will comprise the bulk of the lessons.

Does my child need to do all 4 levels of the program?

No, it is possible that your child will be ready to move on to Robo Wizards or Code Wizards without completing all the levels of the Early Years Program. We will continually assess the development of your child and make recommendations to enrol in higher-level programs when appropriate.

Do you offer a trial class?

Yes, if you would like a trial class please register here. Alternatively, you can send us an email at with your preferred time slots.

Is this program available online?

This program is only available as an in-person class at our Oakville centre. For this age group, we have the Code Knights program available on our dedicated virtual learning website

What COVID-19 safety measures are you adopting?

Please refer to this pageCOVID-19 Precautions & Measures

My child is 5. Can they do this program?

If your child will be attending Grade 1 in September of the current year then they might be ready for the program. The best way to assess readiness is to do a trial class.

My child is 8 years old. Is this program appropriate for them?

Your child might be ready to move on to Robo Wizards or Code Wizards. Please book a trial class so that we can recommend the appropriate program.

Do you offer makeup classes for lessons missed?

Up to 2 missed classes in a term (12 weeks) can be made up by joining an alternative batch, if available.

If my child doesn’t like the program can we withdraw and get a refund?

We accept cancellations and provide full refund after deducting an administrative fee of $20, up to 7 days before the start of the program. Cancellations made less than 7 days before the start of the program until 7 days after the start, are refunded after a deduction equal to 25% of the total program fee. Cancellations made more than 7 days after the program start date will not be eligible for a refund.

What is the next step for my child after completing the program?

After completing the Early Years Program, your child can join either the Robo Wizards or the Code Wizards program.