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Robotics, Coding and STEM Camps for Kids

Our PA Day camps, winter day camps and workshops help children dive into the world of robotics and by building and programming robotic cars, robotic arms, walking robots, launchers and more. We use easy-to-connect building blocks that make robot construction frustration-free and enables kids to spend more time on coding and logical reasoning. Grade 1-3 students learn to code their robots using an icon-based programming tool whereas Grade 4-6 students learn to code in Scratch.

PA Day Camp – November 27, 2020

Campers will build a robotic car and then learn how to program the car to drive around on its own, make turns, detect and avoid obstacles, Campers will learn coding concepts such as sequencing and loops and engineering concepts such as rotation.

Age group: 6-8

Campers will build a quake detector machine that flashes and sounds an alarm when it detects a vibration. They will also build a block catapult that will toss blocks depending on the color of the blocks.

Age group: 9+

Price: $69 + HST

Winter Camps and Workshops

A number of exciting workshops and day camps will be held at our Oakville centre over the winter break. These include building battle robots and robotic beasts, developing a 2-player racing game in Scratch, developing an obby in Roblox, coding in Python on Raspberry Pi and a lot more.

Age group: 6+

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