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Robotics for Kids

Robotics is one of the best ways for kids to get introduced to the fascinating world of technology, engineering and programming. MindKraft’s robotics program uses easy-to-connect blocks which makes building models a breeze compared with other popular platforms. This means kids spend more time on critical thinking, understanding logic and coding than struggling to put together tiny bricks and getting frustrated.Children learn to code by programming their robots using Scratch, Arduino language and Python.

Our comprehensive programs are designed to kindle a passion for STEM into young children and turn them into tech whizzes as they move into high school and beyond.

NOTE: All our robotics classes are currently held in-person at our Oakville location. Online classes are only available for our coding programs such as Scratch and Python.

Early Years Program

A unique integrated program that combines computer programming, robot mechanisms and logic puzzles to nurture the inherent curiosity and creativity of young learners.

Age group: 6-8

Beginner- Robo Wizards

Students start building complex robots using sensors and motors and code using a block-based programming environment built using Scratch. Over a series of 36 lessons students go from building traffic signals to bipedal robots that can walk!

Age group: 8+

Intermediate-Robo Ninjas

A continuation of the robotics curriculum introduced in Robo Wizards, this program is also suitable for kids in higher grades or those with previous robotics and/or coding experience.

Age group: 9+

Advanced-Robo Masters

In our Advanced course the focus shifts to building robots with the Arduino microcontroller using the Arduino language as well as with the Raspberry Pi using Python.

Age group: 10+

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