Spring STEM Camps from April 12-16, 2021. Register Now!

STEM Summer Camps
in Oakville
Robotics and Coding

Age Group: 6-12

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Nurture and inspire the creator in your child!

Unique integrated STEM robotics and coding summer camps.

This summer, introduce your child to the magical world of robotics and computer programming. Let them be curious, and develop their creative and logical sides together, while building robots, creating games and, most importantly, having fun!

Week 4: Aug 24-28



Build robots to go bowling, fishing and play hockey!.

9 AM – 12 PM
$199 + HST



Create games in Scratch to cast your favorite spells, make your wizards fly and learn a new trick or two.

1 PM – 4 PM
$199 + HST


9 AM – 4 PM (LUNCH BREAK: 12 PM – 1 PM)

$349 + HST


What Will Campers Learn:

In the robotics camp during the first half of each day, kids will be given a new mission such as building a self-driving Mars Rover or a funny animal every day. Guided by expert instructors, they will build the robots using easy-to-assemble blocks. They will then program the robots using a visual programming tool to make the robot perform the required tasks. Finally, the kids will customize the robots to their liking and imagination. Campers build a new model each day.

In the second half of the day, campers will begin an exciting journey into the world of coding and game development. Using a visual programming tool designed by MIT for kids called Scratch, kids will learn foundational coding concepts such as sequencing, loops, conditionals and events. They will then apply those concepts to build games and animations with a different theme every week. Campers build a new game everyday.

Location: Unit E-5, 1011 Upper Middle Road E, Oakville L6J 7J4