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Coding for Kids

Help your child embark in the lifelong journey of computer programming with a choice of programs for all skill
levels and age groups between 6 and 17. Let us guide the curious minds through Scratch block-based coding,
Roblox and Minecraft game development,
and modern programming languages like Python and JavaScript

Our comprehensive programs are designed to kindle a passion for coding into young children and turn them into
tech whizzes as they move into high school and beyond.

Code Junior

Jump-start your child’s coding education with this fun-packed program aimed at kids in Grades 1-3 .
Using drag-and-drop visual programming blocks, kids will solve puzzles, create animations and build

Age group: 5-8

Code Wizard

The ideal program for kids in Grades 3-5 to start coding. The program introduces text-based programming
using a real programming language-Coffeescript. After mastering the basics, kids will build games such
as platformer and frogger.

Age group: 8-10

Code Master

Learn and master Python – one of most popular programming languages currently. Start with basics and
finish with advanced video games and data visualization with Python.

Age group: 10+


For kids who are familiar with programming we have special elective courses in Roblox(Lua), Javascript
and Minecraft(Java)

Age group: 10+

Become a MindKrafter

Invest in your child's future and help them reach amazing heights through robotics and coding

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