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Code Wizards

An introductory coding program for kids in Grades 3-7. The program starts with block-based coding in Scratch in the first level, before introducing text-based coding using Coffeescript and finally building games using Coffeescript.

  • Grades 3-7  |  Beginner stage  |  3 Levels
  • Duration: 12 weeks per level. One 85 minute lesson per week.
  • Price: $349 + HST for 12 weeks. Option to pay in monthly instalments available.
  • Schedule: Next batch starts October 23 Friday 4.30 PM - 5.55 PM.

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This is an introductory coding program for students in Grades 3 to 7. There are 3 levels in the program with each level spanning 12 weeks.

In the first level, students are introduced to block-based programming using Scratch, a visual programming tool developed by MIT to teach coding to kids. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, students will be able to build games, animations, stories and,in the process, learn essential coding concepts such as sequencing, loops, conditionals, variables, functions and so on.

In the second level of the program, students start programming in a text-based language called Coffeescript-a version of Javascript with a simpler syntax. Through a series of interactive puzzles, students get comfortable with typing out their commands and start coding like the real pros.

In the final level, students work on building games using Coffeescript to solidify their understanding of programming concepts and to complete their transition to text-based programming.

Duration: Total 36 weeks.12 weeks per level with one 85 minute lesson per week.


  • Grade 3 to Grade 7 students