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Code Master

A fun introduction to Python - one of the most popular programming languages currently. Students learn the basics of Python through a series of games and puzzles and then build simple, text-based games on their own. In the more advanced levels, students will build complex games with graphics using Python

  • Grades 5+  |  Intermediate stage  |  6 Levels
  • Duration: 12 weeks per level. One 60 minute lesson per week.
  • Price: $299 + HST for 12 weeks. Option to pay in monthly instalments available.

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In this program, students will get introduced to text-based coding with Python in a fun and interesting manner.

The program has 6 levels with each level being 12 weeks long with one 60-minute lesson every week..

In 3 first 3 levels, the students will learn about the basics of Python coding, using a fun and interactive web-based teaching tool. After that, they will focus on learning text-based game development in Python.

Initially, they’ll create simple games like Tic-Tac-Toe using Python and gradually move to medium complexity text-based games. In the final 3 levels of the program students will build video games and animations with Python using the library Pygame. They will also be introduced to Data Visualization, Analytics and AI with Python


  • For Grade 5 and above